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Why Should You Thrift?

Thrifting is the art of accumulating wealth while being frugal. That is exactly what EcoDhaga enables you to do: acquire a carefully curated closet with our affordable finds. Saving the planet has never been more glamorous! 

Rare finds at steep discounts

Chic fashion will be rewarded to those who search. Find and ye shall receive, from everyday casuals to rare finds, vintage, and custom designer wear, all in one location.


Only the best of the best

We quality check each item multiple times to ensure that you only receive the best. Check out Our Process, to see just how much thought, care and love goes into ensuring each item is hygienic. 

Like Swapping Clothes with your Best Friend

We all do it! Lusting after pieces in your friend’s closet or your mum’s? At our thrift store, you get to raid the closet of like-minded fashionistas. Thrift all you want! 


Easy on the Pocket

Ever paid too much for an outfit and ended up with buyer's regret? Who says your dream closet has to cost a fortune? Thrift with us to find fashion wear up to 70% off from their original retail price. 

Great for the Planet

On one hand, you’re increasing the lifespan of perfectly wearable clothes, which would have ended up in the landfill. On the other, you’re also reducing the bulk-manufacturing demand in the fashion industry which has a devastating environmental impact.

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