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About Us

EcoDhaga is India's first closed-loop fashion brand that focuses on giving a new life to fashion waste created by consumers. Not only do we thrift, but we also recycle, donate, and upcycle fabric we receive from individuals. When you shop with us, you're saving the planet, one outfit at a time!

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Our Story

EcoDhaga took roots in 2020 when we decided to tackle the fashion waste problem one garment at a time.

What started as a “30 days no-shop challenge” between friends, grew into a discussion about minimalism and thrifting. When we pulled on this thread, it unravelled the shocking reality of mass manufacturing, consequences of consumption and obscene volumes of apparel waste, globally.

With EcoDhaga we have created a reliable loop where individual fashion waste which has potential, any potential, is salvaged and redirected away from the landfills. You can find preloved and preowned clothes in excellent condition at our thrift store which is affordable, sustainable and chic!

Our thrift store carries a range of pre-owned and pre-loved fashion wear from brands such as Soch, BIBA, Global Desi, Rohit Bal, AND, Marks & Spencers, Sisley, Forever 21, Uniqlo, H&M, Zara, and so much more. Hunt for vintage and custom-tailored pieces to add a dash of personality to your wardrobe!

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We aim to elongate the lifespan of wearables in India by thrifting, upcycling, donating and recycling.


Encouraging the adoption of sustainable, circular fashion in India


Making participation in closed loop fashion easier for conscious consumers


Contributing towards UN SDGs 2030, specifically SDG 8 and SDG 12

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About the Founders

Friends. Confidants. Advisors turned Business Partners.

As friends, they enjoy challenging each other to grow and improve. As entrepreneurs, they have a shared vision of changing the way India consumes and disposes of fashion. With EcoDhaga, they bring a carefully curated solution to India’s growing textile waste problem.

Ashni is a communications specialist, with a liking for minimalism, whether it’s in life or in your closet. She is a strong proponent of the “declutter” lifestyle and is all about curating those “essentials” and “accents” in your closet. 


Sanjana is a corporate lawyer turned social worker, who believes that our fashion choices showcase our personalities. She has embraced slow fashion and found ways to curate a dream closet on a budget.   


Our Tribe


Sanjana Swaroop

Co-founder and CEO


Ashni Tripathi



Shalini Lydia

Textile Checker


Julia Rose

Thrift and ReStyled - Intern


Aarushi Garg

Upcycled Products - Intern


Pahel Mehta

Freelance Photographer

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We love our small, but growing team of dynamic women who share our vision of a better, cleaner, thriftier world!

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