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A Guilt Free Guide to the Fashion We Love

Love fashion, but don’t love how they’re made? Or you might just be unaware that some of those sexy siren outfits come from animal testing and products. Got a favourite pair of leather boots that you think goes with everything? We all know how leather, wool and silk are extracted but have we ever thought about the conditions the animals are reared in to provide us with these jolly treasures of fashion?

Dear sister-in-arms, “sustainable” fashion goes beyond the fabric and asks us to consider the cost of our choices. The use of animal products and animal testing for fashion is not a new trend.

Images of early human civilization will tell you that at some point, the use of animal fur was not a fashion choice but a functional one. Today, it's less about function and more about convenience and appearance, and those helpless animals cannot truly defend themselves, so here we are!

As advocates for a better world, we can make a difference. As consumers, we can bring more consciousness to this farm-to-fashion segment by opting for alternatives and creating demand for such innovative holistic solutions. We have put together a list of sustainable alternatives to help you get started on your journey without causing further harm to our planet and all its inhabitants, which includes our fur babies and misunderstood arthropods.

Sustainable Silk

Yes, please! Indian fashion, while at strides with global fashion, is unique in itself. Our colours and fabrics are unmatched. We all have a few of our mom’s silk sarees earmarked for future use.

What if we told you that when curating your dream silk collection, there are alternatives you can consider? From bamboo silk to microsilk to ramie silk, the resources and technology exist to stop the over-farming of silkworms. FabIndia, Kala Niketan, Soch and Nalli, if you’re listening in, please do us, your sustainable peeps, a solid and see if we can bring this technology to our traditional wear.

Plant Based Leather