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Patched Together Table Mats

Patched Together Table Mats

SKU: ED23UPR00136
Our Table Mats are a great addition to your sustainable homes, adding colour, quirk a touch of your values on display. Get this Patched Together Table Mat as a conversation starter at your next dinner party!
Add some fun into your functional home requirements with our range of Upcycled Home Products made from fabric scraps. With each purchase, you’re making an ethically and environmentally conscious choice. It is safe to wash, iron, and is built to last. Plus, they’re cool, quirky, eco-friendly and brighten up your living space.
How We Make Upcycled Products
We hire local craftsmen and artisans and train them, empowering them to be entrepreneurs in their own right. Our products are slow-made with the utmost love and care designed from second-hand textile waste. All proceeds from our product sales go directly in the pockets of our artisans and help us to continue our work to redirect textile waste away from landfills! Your contribution to the cause counts!
  • Upcycled Textile Waste, 100% Unbleached Cotton

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