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Get Travel Ready with these Gorgeous Thrifted Pieces

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

It's vacation time! This is the time of the year when everyone gears up for a vacation and books their tickets. Most long vacations are usually planned, where you have ample time to get your outfits right.

The worst part about vacation planning is the pre-packing panic stage when you realise you do not have any cute outfits! Has this ever happened that you are traveling on a budget but spending more on your vacation closet than on the actual trip? I mean, it's a small cost to get those perfect Instagram ready

We feel you, and we hear you!

Here's a few recommendations for your upcoming vacations, my lovelies:

We are here to capture overall styles you need to keep in mind while you pack for holidays based on your destination of choice.

Beach Babies and Tanning Bums

Choose a simple sundress, a breezy maxi dress, or a well-made romper. While stylish sandals are appropriate, typical beach flip-flops should be avoided. Short-sleeved shirts, such as polos, and stylish shorts (think Chinos) with a belt, are permissible.

Hills beat alive in your Soul

Oversized jumpers or sweaters that can be easily paired with jeans, overalls, or knit pants are a must. A poncho looks classy and cozy indoors, near the fireplace. If you want to spend your time outside, bring your down jacket, a pair of hiking boots, and a beanie.

Venturing into the Wild

What’s wildlife adventure without a bit of dirt touching your ankles? Try capris and shorts with light, flowy tops with a nice hat, sunglasses, and a denim jacket for the evening mist. Psst, because we love you, don't forget to pack that sunscreen and mosquito guard for when the bugs come in! ;)

Exploring History and Heritage

Experiment with maxi dresses, jumpsuits, or a sarong - an ethnic print Kurti and flared pants provide the right touch and feel to match your outfit with the ambiance. Being touristy but respectful in such places is the key. Whether you want to dress to the occasion and show up like a queen at these palace grounds, or put your own twist to modest wear, we have the styles selection for you to choose from.

Get Vacation Ready with EcoDhaga

No matter your style, your choice of getaway destination and your quirky personality. We have something for everyone here. Styles curated by an equally diverse and meticulous team, thrifting with EcoDhaga feels just like swapping with your best friend.


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