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Better Ways, Better Days A Podcast by EcoDhaga - Catch up

Stay ahead with Better Ways, Better Days, India's pioneering climate-positive podcast. Discover sustainable alternatives and actionable steps for conscious consumers. Join us in this transformative conversation by subscribing on our channels on YouTube and Spotify. Your voice matters in this journey towards a greener tomorrow.

In case you have missed out on the podcast conversations, here is a quick rundown with our incredible line up of eco champions building businesses of tomorrow:

Episode 1 with Ekta Doc of Wonky Works, talking about waste management, glass upcycling and global policy

Episode 2 with Pooja Domadia of Slow and Conscious Living, understanding the role of individuals in creating a sustainable economy

Episode 3 with Salome Sallehy of Sugar Sugar Wax, discussing moving towards sustainable product building in the beauty industry

Episode 4 with Bharat Ranka of Ethik, talking about the innovation it takes to bring alternative materials to market and why we should opt for vegan leather

Episode 5 with Poonam Kasturi Bir of Daily Dump, on adopting simple practices with large carbon impact right from the comfort of our homes


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