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UnPaper Kitchen Towel Rolls

UnPaper Kitchen Towel Rolls

SKU: ED23UPR00192-209
Say No to Disposable Paper Towels and Sticky Icky Mouldy Sponges in the Kitchen by choosing these Multipurpose Kitchen Towel Rolls for your Homes. They can be used to clean countertops, platform, stovetops and other surfaces with ease. With a higher absorption rate than the traditional sponges, these utilitarian rolls have been made from upcycled textiles for that splash of colour and 100% cotton terry cloth for optimum functionality. Add some fun into your functional home requirements with our range of Upcycled Home Products made from fabric scraps. With each purchase, you’re making an ethically and environmentally conscious choice. It is safe to wash, iron, and is built to last. Plus, they’re cool, quirky, eco-friendly and brighten up your living space.
How We Make Upcycled Products
We hire local craftsmen and artisans and train them, empowering them to be entrepreneurs in their own right. Our products are slow-made with the utmost love and care designed from second-hand textile waste. All proceeds from our product sales go directly in the pockets of our artisans and help us to continue our work to redirect textile waste away from landfills! Your contribution to the cause counts!`
  • Upcycled Textile Waste, 100% Cotton Terry Cloth, Lining and Cotton Batting

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