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10 Switches to Make to Save the Planet Today!

It’s no secret that our planet is in trouble. Climate is changing and we must too, if we want to have any sort of sustainable future on this planet. The signs are everywhere: melting glaciers, rising sea levels, and more frequent and intense storms. The Earth is changing and it is happening faster than we thought it would.

The intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimated an alarming 3.5 degrees celsius rise in global temperatures if we don’t take significant action to reduce emissions by 2030.

There are some things we can do to make a difference. They don't have to be loud gestures or grand shifts, but minor adjustments, that would help make a difference in the long term.

Here are 10 switches you can make today to save the planet:

#1 Travel Sustainably

Be mindful of your emissions while booking your travels. If you absolutely must travel by air, consider airlines that are investing in sustainable practices. Psst, also as a tourist we often forget about what we're buying and how we're disposing. Small steps like taking the train or buses to your destination, will help us preserve our planet in the long run.

#2 Switch to LED Bulbs

Did you know that LED bulbs to use upto 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, and last up to 25 times longer? Making this switch can help you save money on your energy bill while reducing your carbon footprint.

#3 Switch to Carpools or Public Transportation

If you live in a city, carpooling or taking public transportation is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. If you must drive, try to consolidate your errands into one trip. And when you’re not using your car, park it in the shade to keep it cool and reduce emissions from air conditioning. When stopped at a red light with more than 15 seconds on the timer, turn off your engines and save some of the fuel.

#4 Eat Less Meat and Dairy

Not ready to go vegan yet? We understand, but meat and dairy products are responsible for significant greenhouse gas emissions. Just ask Bill Gates about his thoughts on this. Reducing (even if not eliminating) your meat consumption can make a big difference. When grocery shopping, choose sustainable options like organic, grass-fed, free range meat options when you do buy or eat meat.

#5 Switch to Compostable or Recycled Products

When you’re at the store, look for products that are made from recycled materials or that can be composted. This includes recycled kitchen towels, toilet paper, and shopping bags. And if you have a yard or a balcony, start home composting your food scraps to reduce waste and create nutrient-rich manure for your plants. There are a lot of home composting solutions available in India.

#6 Use Reusable Water Bottles and Coffee Cups

Avoid buying plastic water bottles everywhere you go. Ditch the disposables and switch to reusable options instead. There are tons of great reusable water bottles on the market, and many coffee shops now give you a discount if you bring your own cups.

#7 Donate and don't litter

One easy way to reduce your impact on the planet is simply not litter. Part of the climate solution not only requires us to question how we purchase, but also how we dispose of our waste. Instead of trashing things that will end up in the landfills, look for local solutions where you can donate or responsibly recycle your domestic waste. By donating clothes, furniture, and other items instead of throwing them away, you help move away from the linear use-and-throw economy. This keeps usable items out of landfills and reduces the emissions associated with manufacturing new products.