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She Sparks by YourStory

On 3rd March 2023

Held at Indian Habitat Center Delhi

What a great way to start Women's Month. Kudos to team YourStory for organizing such an incredible event which had great insights, hubris, humility, and realness. The conversations throughout the day ranged from women stepping up in their workplaces and embodying their ‘boss’ side to getting real and acknowledging the journey of some beautiful women who have faced innumerable challenges, doubts, and fears and how they overcame them. All women gathered at the auditorium also pledged to help out Naaz, the world's first transgender model from India, with a story that is humbling and inspiring in equal doses. Naaz who is now a mother to two children left us all deep in our feelings and reminded us that we can either be victims of our circumstances or conquer them as victors. Conversations about building self-confidence and showing up consistently in whatever we were trying to build were much discussed throughout the day.

The day kicked off with an intimate conversation with Vani Kola, an idol to many women who want to build their empires in traditionally male-dominated industries like Finance. She shared her insights as a finance expert, urging women entrepreneurs to get comfortable with including financial conversations in their everyday business language. In a fireside session hosted by Neha Nagar, a well-known finance content creator, Vani Kola, opened up about her journey and said “I should not be a standard, everyone has their own journey, embrace it and come out of it stronger and better”. This was also reinforced by the powerhouse that is Meghna Agarwal (co-founder Indiqube), who said on a lighter note that as women, we should get comfortable asking “I want to touch money”. Building a successful business is no easy feat, but the cohort of incredible lineup at the event, made it look effortless and owned up to their leadership roles!

Disruption starts from within, and to step into our roles as leaders of a future workforce and employers, we must first disrupt the notion of gender roles and learn to promote our own self-assured professional instincts. Most women in the workplace, and even founders for that matter, suffer from self-doubt and imposter syndrome. This was an underrated feeling that has been left off script in most narratives about female professionals, but on this day, the forum gathered to share stories of personal battles and bared it all before the sisterhood gathered. From daily affirmations to critical questioning, to learning and constructing on a base of firm industry knowledge, women entrepreneurs offered several solutions and shared their personal stories to pave the way for fellow Fe-entrepreneurs to step forward.

We humbly thank the CWE team for facilitating our attendance and the incredible CWE members with that we attended the event. We hope to keep the momentum going and our founding team came back reinvigorated after such a powerful event that sparked our hearts.


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